Puddleducks is run by an elected committee of parents in consultation with staff. Committee members are all volunteers responsible for reviewing policies, procedures, practice, and for the employment of staff.  This is a responsible and rewarding position that helps parents and carers to be involved in making decisions about their child’s pre-school.

Parents and carers are encouraged to join the committee and attend the monthly meetings. The date of each meeting is advertised in advance on the whiteboard outside the setting and on the Puddleducks Facebook page. Staff will also be able to tell you when the next meeting is scheduled for.

Every September the committee holds its AGM which parents and carers are also encouraged to attend. This is when new members are elected to the committee. The date for this is also advertised in advance on the whiteboard outside the setting as well as on the Facebook page.

The current management committee members, and their responsibilities, are as follows:

  • Claire Wilkins-Davies – Chair
  • Erik Mackie – Secretary
  • Harriett Ball and Lucy Cowley– Treasurer
  • Harriet Turton, Danielle Bates Fundraisers
  • Joel Summerfield – Technical Support

All members of the preschool committee are required to have a DBS and EY2 completed.