Our committed, experienced and highly trained staff make Puddleducks a special place. They are:

Play Leader: Mandy Butt

Mandy holds a Children’s Care Learning & Development (CCLD) NVQ Level 3, is a Special Education Needs Coordinator, Child Protection Coordinator, Common Assessment Framework Coordinator and qualified first aider.

Deputy Play Leaders: Rachel Skelson and Joanne Sibthorpe

Rachel holds a CCLD NVQ at Level 3, is a Child Protection Coordinator and qualified first aider who has also been trained in behavioural management.  Joanne has a National Nursery Examining Board qualification at level 3 and an Introductory Certificate in Management. Joanne is also a Child Protection coordinator, an Equalities Named Coordinator and qualified first aider.

Play Assistants: Sharon Shepherd, Caroline Atkinson, Claire Thurgood and Natasha Woolston

Senior Play Assistant Sharon has a CCLD NVQ at Level 3, is a Health and Safety Coordinator, Special Education Needs Coordinator and qualified first aider. Caroline holds a level 3 Diploma in Children and Young People Workforce and is a qualified first aider. Claire has a Level 3 Teaching Assistant qualification and Natasha has a Level 3 Diploma in Children and Young People Workforce. Both Claire and Natasha are also qualified first aiders.

How we work

Puddleducks uses a keyworker system in which, each child is assigned a specific member of staff who will monitor and record their progress throughout their time at pre-school.

Children are assessed according to the Early Years Foundation Stage via staff observation, photographic evidence and the child’s own work.  Each child’s learning and development progress is recorded and regularly updated by his or her keyworker. These records are available for the parent or carer to view at all times.

We have two parent consultation evenings each year, where parents and carers can discuss their child’s progress with their keyworker.  Parents and carers will be notified of these as they approach.