Tapestry is an online learning platform, supporting the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, allowing practitioners to take and upload observations safely and securely, with immediate ways of sharing with parents. Using photo’s, video’s and diary entries practitioners and parents can build a unique and special learning journal and document how the child is growing and developing. The Tapestry platform enables these memories to be kept as a permanent record via the download option which can be accessed at any time. All information on Tapestry is stored securely, and each practitioner has different levels of access and heavily protected with confidential passwords, ensuring the correct people access the correct information.

Tapestry offers many features, such as their Memo’s, allowing practitioners to share news and updates with relatives. Memo’s will allow practitioners to be able to share information not only with groups of relatives, but also specific ones. Another feature is the Care Diary, where practitioners can document times and details of intimate care given, and or accident records, with Tapestry notifying the parent immediately to look at their child’s profile as they have been involved in an accident.

Parents can message their child’s key person via Tapestry, and communicate with confidence, helping to establish strong shared understanding of the child to ensure they can reach their full potential during their time at Puddleducks.

Tapestry gives the freedom and flexibility to view and access your child’s journal via the website or app, meaning that even the busiest parents and carers never have to miss a moment.